Special Memories of CCM

26 Oct 2020

My name is Jovelyn and I joined the CCM Homes in 1997.

Even though I grew up in an orphanage, I also feel proud because those who loved and cared for us did so like we were their own children.

I felt happy to be a child in CCM. We learned household chores and we learned to be content with what we had. We learned that whatever was given to you, to be happy with that. We were taught to fear God and give thanks to Him for everything, I have so many memories of my special  time in CCM. I hold them close to my heart.

As my children grow up, I can tell them about my life and about CCM, the place where I grew up.


Online classes began in the Philippines on October 5th 2020. It is a challenge for many families, like Jovelyn’s family, to be able to access the online lessons provided by the schools. There are frequent internet signal problems and many families have only a mobile phone which the children need to take turns to use. Please pray that despite the difficulties they face that they would persevere with their studies.