Learning New Skills During Lockdown

26 Oct 2020

You may be curious what the children in the Homes have been doing during the quarantine period. Julia (not her real name), one of the teens, shares her experiences to give you a glimpse.


What have you enjoyed most during the quarantine period?

My favourite thing has been attending guitar lessons. It is something I have always wanted to do!

What have been your struggles during this time?

It breaks my heart to be kept from seeing my family and that they cannot visit me. Many of our activities, like the family day, that we look forward to, were postponed.

Have you learned any new skills?

I’m learning how to read the musical notes in the guitar lessons. I’ve enjoyed learning new baking skills and doing arts and crafts.


How do you go about doing your schoolwork?

We had our in-house tutorials through lockdown. We studied our current curriculum with the housemothers and staff. It was good for me to have time to catch up with my weak subjects.

Our school classes have just begun again and we will be studying modules in the Homes. Please pray for the staff as they teach us our lessons. I do look forward to going back to school when we are allowed to.


What have you been learning in devotion time?

We are currently studying a series about Jesus’ miracles. Our devotion recently was the healing of Jairus’ daughter. I learned that Christ has the power over sickness, and even power to forgive our sins.

How can we pray for you and the other children?

Please pray that we would stay healthy and please also pray for our families and their needs while we are separated. Above all, pray that God will give us faith to confess our sins and put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.