A bereaved family in the Community

4 Aug 2020

Could you give a short introduction about your family?

I am Mrs. Rosie Belarmino, a mother of four children, all boys. CCM is supporting two of my children and helping me in sending them to school. Life has never been the same after my husband died two years ago. His death was so sudden, to start with I did not know what to do. I have been so independent on him financially.  It was truly difficult for me to imagine what life would be for us without him. It took months to truly sink into my senses the reality of being a single mother. A reflection that cleared up my mind was that I could do nothing to get back the life of my late husband, but I can do something to let life go on with my children. I have them by my side, they give me hope and as long as we are together we can surpass life’s challenges.

From then, I had the courage to take on all the responsibilities of taking care and raising my children. I let myself work doing two jobs just to earn a living for my family. I buy and sell vegetables and fruits during daytime and sell “balut” a common street food at night.


How has lockdown time been for you and your family? 

When I first heard about the lockdown, I really panicked and become anxious for the safety of my children. I was overwhelmed with so many possibilities of situations running through my mind. I even came to a point of considering to go back in our province. But eventually, after contemplating that this is the reality of life, I slowly accepted what was happening around us. This pandemic has given me so much learning as a mother. I came to know more about my children since I spent lots of time with them. I was so surprised to discover good things about them. One thing that I am thankful is seeing my children increasing in their concern and love with each other. As a family, we became thankful and learned to appreciate every little and simple blessing that was given to us.


What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

This pandemic brought me a lot of struggles specially in providing my family’s needs. I stopped all my part time works for about two months. This meant that my income also decreased. It was difficult to budget my small income for our daily needs, food, monthly house rent, electricity and water bills. During the lockdown, we relied on the relief goods coming from the local government unit.


Have your family stayed healthy? 

Yes, we are thankful that we are all safe until now. We made sure that we are following the rules and precautionary measures given by our government to become safe against COVID 19.


What worries you most?  

As a parent, I always do my best to provide for the needs of my children but with this pandemic, there have been a lot of changes that really affect me and other people. As a mother, I can’t help but worry about coping with the new normal life. This pandemic also led me to many prohibitions and as a sole provider, my income became too limited. I am always thinking about how I will be able to sustain our needs? Another concern is that my three children will be in the upcoming class opening and the cost of all their school needs and payments.


How has CCM been able to help support you and your family? 

During the pandemic, we got plenty of help from CCM. We are thankful for their help and in extending monetary support to us as their recipients. They also became our support system and gave us encouragement and hope during these difficult times which means a lot to our family. I am a regular attendee of our area Bible Study and we are missing it already since it was suspended due to COVID 19.


How can we pray for you? 

  • Please pray for our good health and safety.
  • For daily provision of our needs as a family
  • The upcoming class opening of my three children that may I be able to provide their school needs.
  • For continued strength and courage to lead my family as a single mother.
  • Lastly, that this pandemic will be over soon.