Summer in the Philippines

4 May 2020

Usually in the April issue of the CCM update we report about the busy summer activities in the Community and Home programs. Sadly the events have all been put on hold this year as the Metro Manila Lockdown began in March due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Please do pray for the communities and the homeless that their needs would be provided for.

The Drop-In Thursday night ministry was concluded early, in the second week of March. Currently almost all of the feeding centers are closed due to this emergency crisis. This leaves our friends on the street in a most desperate condition. Their means of living – such as scavenging, jeepney barking – have stopped. This leaves them as the most affected at this time, especially those who are elderly, nursing mothers and little children.

Please pray that in this time of uncertainty, CCM would still have ways to show them the love of Christ and point them to the true hope we have in Jesus. May this situation lead them to realise their greatest need.