Social Work in the Homes

4 May 2020

I began working in CCM as a Social Worker for the Community but recently I was assigned as a Social Worker in the Residential Care Program. My roles and responsibilities are now quite different.

My main job and responsibilities are to conduct pre-admission and case conferences. These are special meetings we have for children being referred and admitted in the Homes. We have to look carefully at the individual situation before a child can be admitted and then I need to plan, implement and evaluate actions and intervention plans for each case. Every month I aim to conduct a Biblical counselling session with the children and their families. One of our aims is to be able to reconcile families but this takes many visits and counselling sessions.

It’s a very different setting to the work I was doing in the community and different challenges! I never really expected to be assigned to the Homes but God has far better
plans for me than I have for myself. I believe He called me for this purpose to serve Him and the children he has entrusted to me. There are painful challenges but it is through these that I am moulded and shaped.

Please continue to pray for the Social Workers!
Jaicah Leigh Monta