Relief Mission in Taal

4 May 2020

Mount Taal erupted on January 12th, 2020. After surveys were carried out and discussions with town officials, we were able to determine the people in most need. The team travelled to several locations in Batangas on March 14th.

The relief goods were purchased and repacked into bags ready for distribution. Children from the neighborhood helped to repack the goods too!

Stubs have been handed out to families in need. They then exchanged the stub for a relief pack. Pastors faithfully preached the word of God and the people listened and patiently waited for the relief distribution to begin.

The team went to Batangas not knowing if they could travel back to Metro Manilla due to the lockdown. In the Lord’s goodness, the relief goods were distributed to these needy people, and the team were able to return safely.