Lockdown in the CCM Homes

4 May 2020

As the COVID 19 Epidemic spread through out the World, the Philippines, like many other nations, went into community lockdown. This started on March 15th. The CEO asked the staff and housemothers to stay at the CCM Homes: that is twenty-two children and twelve staff. We never imagined that this could ever happen. Since March 15th we have not been allowed to go to church to worship on Sundays. We have community gate passes which allow us to leave in times of need.

The CCM team have formulated indoor activities to occupy the children’s daily routine . The children have had spiritual activities, like reciting memory verses and guessing Bible characters. We have had group work activities in the afternoons to try to build up a rapport with the children. It is a strange and worrying time for the children too.

We have made ‘Thank You’ cards too!

One of the older children has enjoyed leading a daily morning exercise, Zumba which we have all enjoyed. The housemothers continue to do academic activities like reading, spelling, maths and science and the boys have enjoyed planting vegetables as their outdoor activity and of course basketball! The Department of Education have also sent links to some online academic games and this will help to prepare them for the next school year too. We are grateful to be able to join the Sunday worship though live streaming in the largest living Room.

We don’t know when the total lockdown will end but we do know God is in control and is sovereign. We thank Him for His continued faithfulness and provisions. We are praying to the Lord to guide us to do the right thing and to be more faithful to Him in every circumstance of life.