COVID-19 Homeless Relief

27 Apr 2020

Due to the rising number of people infected by the COVID-19 virus, the Philippine government implemented the Enhanced Community Quarantine in hopes of controlling the spread of the said virus.The ECQ greatly affected the livelihood of many Filipinos as it entailed work and public transportationstoppages. As such this greatly affected the condition of one of the most vulnerable group in oursociety- homeless people or street dwellers as they have been largely affected by this crisis.

In response, CRBC Elders and Deacons, together with CCM management decided and planned toconduct a relief activity to provide our friends on the street with relief packs to address their basicneeds. And as we also found out that the local government has provided shelter for homeless people,where they can be cared for and stay safe, provided that they first undergo check-up at a local healthclinic and secure referral from the barangay, we’ve also decided to provide our homeless recipientswith instructions (verbal and printed) on how to be admitted at the shelter, during the relief activity.

The relief team, composed of CCM Staff and volunteers, were able to re-pack and distribute reliefpacks to 75 Homeless families and individuals, some of which are our attendees at the Drop-in centerevery Thursdays.

Each relief pack consists of 3 Kgs. of rice, 10 canned goods, 1 pack of 3in1 coffee (10 sachets). 2 packsof Energen (20 sachets), 2 packs of biscuits, 1 bottled water (350 ml), 1 soap, toothbrush andtoothpaste. Also included are gospel tracts as well as a leaflet containing instructions on how to beadmitted at the local government’s shelter for homeless people.

During the relief distribution, the plan was first to encourage and inform the homeless recipients aboutthe availability of a shelter where they can stay safe and how they can be admitted there, beforedistributing the relief packs.

We are indeed thankful to God for the success of the relief distribution and for God’s guidance,provision and safekeeping throughout the whole activity.

It is our prayer that this relief work, may lead them to see God’s goodness amidst this difficult andtrying situation. May they to come to know God’s grace in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.