COVID-19 Community Relief

27 Apr 2020

It was March 16th when the Philippine president and government declared and implementeda Luzon-wide “enhanced community quarantine” (ECQ). This aims to further combat theeffect of the increasing spread of the COVID-19 virus. The ECQ was supposed to end in April13th but was extended until April 30th due to the rising number of COVID cases. Together withthe ECQ comes with the suspension of work and transportation. This greatly affected thelivelihood of the families in the community. Most of the parents works in a daily basis aslaundry women, construction workers and drivers. Therefore, due to this ECQ, most of thefamilies were left without sources of income for their basic needs and other expenses.

After some discussions, CCM Management came up with a decision to conduct a reliefactivity for EAP recipient by sending monetary relief amounting to P1,000 per family. Thisoption enabled CCM to extend relief assistance in this time of need while ensuring safety ofthe staff and recipients.

In April 16th, Community Social Workers equipped with safety gear such as masks and face shieldsheaded to a nearby remittance center (Palawan Express) to send money to each recipientfamily.

For other recipients who are living near CCM office, the recipients were instead able to claim the amount at the office gate.

We thank the Lord that the whole scheme of this relief activity went smoothly and withoutany major problems. As of today, 182 out of 188 families has already received and claimedthe assistance from CCM.

It was also humbling to receive appreciation from the recipients for the help they receivedfrom us. They greatly appreciate CCM’s effort to extend help and assistance despite therestrictions and risks of COVID 19.

Nonetheless, we continue to pray for the salvation and safety of our recipients and familiesin the community. We long to see them find the saving works of the Lord Jesus Christ at theCross. May the Lord’s name be glorified through this relief activity.