Volcano update

14 Jan 2020

Many of you have asked how we are after Taal volcano erupted – thank you!

A brief update from each Programme…

From the Community:

At Cubao, we are not significantly affected by the Taal’s eruption. But we experience ashfall since Sunday afternoon, and because of it, classes of the children are being suspended for two days now. Some children take this opportunity to write to their sponsors, though we somehow discourage them to visit the office to avoid exposure to dust particles in the air.

From the Homes:

The children have no classes today so stayed inside the homes.  The ashes scattered in our ground and even to our plants.  We’re still keeping the windows and doors closed for safety. Children, staff and visitors are all provided with masks. It’s not so easy to breathe and also uncomfortable wearing the face mask. We are now in level 4 alert for the volcano still erupting continuously. We are also expecting some earthquakes as the volcanologist announced.  Please pray for us because the Department of Health has warned the effect of the ashes could cause a severe pneumonia.

Thank you for your prayerful concern.