Steps to Bridge the Gap

6 Jan 2020

In October the CCM Homes held their second Family Day. As the event approached, the excitement amongst the children grew. They busily made ‘thank you’ letters and practised special numbers to perform, while the houseparents and social workers packed goods for families and relatives. Everyone headed to the fellowship Hall at Cubao Reformed Baptist Church.

Tears began to flow as the first family and relatives started arriving. There were the three aunties of Ren. It was her first time to be visited by her relatives, and also the first time for her aunties to be reunited. She met them with a huge smile on her face and arms outstretched for an embrace.

This event was named, “Steps to bridge the gap”. Pastor Mon Macapagal delivered a challenging message entitled, “Steps towards a peaceful family.” He taught that true peace in the family can only be found through faith in Jesus Christ.

Carlita had long waited to perform a poem and this was her chance. The powerful poem expressed her longing for feeling someone’s embrace as she struggles to understand her current situation.

McDonald’s Happy meals were enjoyed by all before the afternoon session began. There were practical workshops held for the parents and relatives and for the children. The children enjoyed performing special numbers throughout the day and before leaving all the relatives received a bag with essential goods inside. It was bright a day indeed. There were many warm embraces although there were tears of longing too, that they could be reunited some day soon.

You could not miss the joyful smiles on the children’s faces. We are encouraged that these children are learning to be joyful – despite the sadness and the challenges of living away from their families. The event certainly served it’s purpose in attempting another step to bridge the gap between these families.

The day’s message is true. There is no true peace in the family apart from Christ. We were once separated from God by a bridgeless chasm. Now we have a bridge in Christ – the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Our earnest prayer is for God to continue to sustain us in reaching out, step by step, to the respective families through the ministry of reconciliation.