Staff News

6 Jan 2020

Thank you for praying for the staff and children at CCM. We really do value your prayers. In November, we said farewell to Tina Ablao. She has been a member of staff for over 15 years and we are thankful for her faithful service to CCM during this time. Please pray for Sheril Batayan as she takes over the role of temporarily supervising the Community Staff.

Please do pray for our current staff needs. We have a need for more Social Workers and Houseparents. We are thankful that we have been able to hire a night steward to assist in keeping the children in the Homes safe at night time.

We thank God for continuing to bless the work of CCM and pray that He will provide for these staffing needs. Whilst we look to Him, we are also trying to be proactive regarding this and are currently trying to advertise our staffing vacancies to other reformed churches.