Growing Old Gracefully!

6 Jan 2020

Thank you Pastor Ellis and Ate Necy for your involvement in the work of CCM. It’s great to look back and see how God has blessed the work and continues to do so. We thank God for the vision and burden you had to begin the work of CCM and how you have been involved in the ministry over the last 25 years.

Can you talk us through how the work of CCM began?
We had become very concerned for the street children living in Cubao without their parents. In about 1995, we had a gift of money from a church in the USA and we had a vacant apartment at the back of our church. Two of the lady church members agreed to help look after them and so we took these street girls into the apartment. A small group of church members used to go out on the streets talking to these children and slowly the number of girls we were looking after increased. We then rented a house not too far away from the church and moved there as the number of girls increased.

How did the work in the community begin?
Through meeting children on the streets, we were able to seek out which children were most in need of help with their education. This opened up many avenues for us to witness to the saving work of Christ. Today there are around 200 children being supported with their education and basic needs in the local slum areas around the church.

Did the number of girls being cared for in the small house increase?
Yes! As the numbers began to increase we thought of having a more permanent place for the children and we began to look at lots for sale. We had to go further out from the city where the land was much cheaper. We purchased a plot of land in a subdivision and began to build a purpose built children’s home for girls. We currently have around 25 girls in the home. After much prayer, in 2015 we were able to build a boy’s home in a nearby subdivision.

What have been the biggest encouragements?
The biggest encouragement for us has been when we have seen some of our children converted and come into church membership. We have also seen some grow up and leave us but it is lovely when they keep in touch.

What are the current needs of CCM?
We are always in need of finances as the currency rate goes up and down somewhat. The sponsorship programs for the Homes and Community help to provide some of our costs, but not all.

We sometimes have quick changeovers in staff. Some come and work with us for a short while, they gain experience which is helpful in one way, but it is not long term. We need Social Workers who will stay and get to know the children and their families as well as being involved in the church and our ministries.

What can we pray for?
At the moment we really need a permanent leader for the Community Programme. The Social Workers are very new and young and we are praying that God will provide us with someone to truly head up the work and lead it.

What are your and Ate Necy’s plans now?
I have now retired from being chairman of the CCM Board, being 81, although I still seem to be involved as I keep being asked things and advice here and there! Necy carries on translating and preparing Daily Devotions in Tagalog. We are thankful that aside from myself there are three full time elders at church. God continues to bless the work of the church.

We are thankful that Glen Manuel, one of our deacons, is doing a good job of being the Deacon overseeing CCM and he has given himself to the work.

Thank you once again Pastor! We pray that God will continue to bless you both in your retirement.