Staff News

14 Oct 2019

Thank you for praying for the staff and children at CCM. We really do value your prayers. Please pray in particular for CCM’s compliance for accreditation with the government. This needs to be completed so that CCM can have their licence renewed. Please also pray for the wisdom and strength for the CCM staff and that the Lord will provide the additional staff

October 15-17 is the annual Drop-in Camp. This is always a special time for our friends who live on the streets. Not only do they have a bed to sleep in, three nutritious meals a day, swimming and games, but the pastors faithfully teach them about the Hope that can be found in the Lord Jesus. There are also practical seminars and morning devotions. Please pray for Deacon Virgo in his leadership and for the team of volunteers. The run up to Christmas is always a busy time in the Homes and brings with it many gospel opportunities. There are End of Year Celebrations in each branch of the ministry of CCM Community, Homes and Drop-in Centre. Please pray for these activities and that God would open the hearts of the recipients to see their need of the Lord Jesus.