“The privilege of being able to support”

14 Oct 2019

My husband and I, as well as my eldest son, have had a long affiliation with CRBC and subsequently it’s outreach arm CCM (Christian Compassion Ministries).

Richard and Janie Worth with MJ and her mother

CCM serves its local community in many ways. The community work to me seems the best of both worlds as one can sponsor a child for their necessary expenses while that child is still living within their own family unit. The family may be indigent and squatting in slums; but at least they’re still together.

We have been supporting MJ for 1O years now and she has turned into a lovely young lady; we are delighted and privileged to be able to continue support until she completes all of her studies. I would encourage anyone considering sponsorship of a child to do that through the Community program.

Doctor Janie Worth

NB Dr Janie is originally from the USA, but lived in Manila some years ago and studied medicine here as a student. She attended CRBC in the early years. She also met her husband Richard, an Australian here at CRBC and so they now live in Australia.