Prayer Points Oct-Dec 2019

14 Oct 2019


► Thank God for the smooth running of the medical mission in August.
► Please pray that those who attended might come to know the great physician – the Lord Jesus.


► Thank God for all the opportunities we have to reach needy street children.
► Please pray for Kuya Emman in his role as Child Development Associate.


► Thank God for Tina’s invitation to the social work conference.
► Please pray for Myra in her challenging role as social worker for the homeless, working with those who are so often ‘left behind’.


► Thank God for the new literacy class for children at the Drop-in Centre.
► Please pray for good listening as the Bible is opened and taught at the Drop-in Centre.


► Give thanks for the hope we have to share.
► Pray for the events where the good news will be shared over the Christmas season.


► Thank God for the many opportunities we have in the slum areas to be a witness.
► Pray for those who lead CCM that they will be given much help from the Lord.


► Thank God for a Sunday for our staff to rest, may they be refreshed and strengthened.
► Pray that the practical help we offer in the communities would truly be beneficial.