Meet the Homes’ Child Development Associate

14 Oct 2019

Hi Kuya Emman, Can you tell us about how you became the Child Development Associate?
I first heard about the need of a resident psychologist in the Homes when I attended the prayer meeting in CRBC way back in October 2016. (Government requirement) I was still studying in Grace Ministerial Academy then. I felt burdened to consider applying and I approached one of the staff and asked for the
requirements. They eventually hired me in May on the following year.

What is a typical day like for you?
I have a part-time work schedule, and many of my tasks are office based. Being part of the Case Management Team, I conduct assessments for the new children and also those who will return to their families. I also prepare and develop training materials for the staff, equipping them in helping the children effectively. Although many of these tasks are office based, I see to it that I mingle with the children to monitor their progress before I end my day.

How many children are currently in your care?
I do not have any specific children to handle. The Childcare Team will refer the child to me for assessment or for individual sessions if needed.

How are you able to spend time with each child?
I try to talk to each one of them informally – even those without any behavioural issues. I also strive to spend time with each House before I end my work. I dine with them and share a few jokes with them (mostly corny!) The best thing about having time with each House is that I can share my testimony to them and listen to their daily experiences. It’s both a blessing and an opportunity.

Please pray for Emman as he counsels the children and helps with staff training.

What opportunities do you have to share the gospel with the children?
Aside from informal and formal conversations, I also volunteer to lead the devotions with the children after dinner times and after the special events in the Homes and in the church.

What do you enjoy most about being a Child Development Associate?
While I enjoy formulating materials for both the development of staff and children, what I enjoy most is spending time with the children, sharing life’s lessons, trivia and Bible teachings. I enjoy listening to their daily experiences.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?
Since I have a long experience practicing secular psychology, I am deeply challenged on how to apply my Bible school training too, being firm and faithful on training the staff about biblical child discipline. The DSWD has implemented an “Anti-corporal punishment” Memorandum on child care institutions, which
prohibits the use of the rod as a method of discipline. They advocate Positive Discipline to deter potential abuse. It can be challenging, trying to personally address the sinful behaviours of children. Sometimes it’s a challenge trying to manage my time – to complete all my tasks and to spend with the children. (I’m still studying at the Bible School when I am not working , although I am looking forward to graduating next year God willing)

How can we pray for you?
Please pray for me and Chaplain Levi for our studies in Biblical Counselling. We hope to be able to use this training to help to train the CCM staff, also in dealing with the children’s spiritual problems in a godly way. Please pray for sustaining grace on handling daily issues in the Homes as we maintain a faithful testimony to the children. Above all, please pray for the conversion of the children and their families also.

“What I enjoy most is spending time with the children”