We all need forgiveness

1 Jul 2019

This was my first time to join the youth camp. At first I thought it was just about games and enjoying ourselves but I was also excited to hear there would be workshops and sessions. I was happy to learn something new during the camp.

The games were great, although quite challenging under the scorching sun but I love how our team helped each other and did well! Our team even won the highest award!

We made presentations to show each other what we had learnt in the sessions. I enjoyed making a lot of new friends from other communities.

What really sticks in my mind during the camp is how to respect and love one another despite our differences – our skin colour / our looks / our likes and dislikes. We are all created by God. I also learnt that forgiveness is important. How we need to be ready to forgive each other and how we all need to seek God’s forgiveness.


One of the boys from the community reading the Bible at a meeting (picture at top of article)
Eating on the camp (picture below)