Recognition and Thanksgiving event

1 Jul 2019

Each year I always look forward to this event! I’ve witnessed many of my fellow EAP recipients from the communities receiving tokens or awards for their hard work in their studies. These small tokens are effective and do have a big impact! They have motivated me to keep trying hard, even though there are hardships along the way.

I’ve seen some of my friends graduate from college and have heard them speak about how they have overcome obstacles with the help of CCM. It has motivated me to study more eagerly and to keep putting effort into my studies.

And now it’s my turn! I have finally graduated! I had a mixture of emotions as I prepared for the Thanksgiving and Recognition activity. I had a heavy kind of feeling as it was now time to say goodbye after being supported by CCM for 13 years. All the memories and experiences came rushing to my mind as my name was called to the stage. I’ve never felt that feeling before! Everyone was clapping and happy for you, that you have surpassed the challenges of being a student. The pastors greeted us with “Congratulations!” and I looked out to see all the faces of friends! CCM not only helped me financially and practically but also and most important they helped me spiritually. I am proud to call myself “Tatak CCM”. (bearing CCM’s signature)

I pray that the Lord will let CCM help more families who are in need, like how they have helped me and my family.

(Niel’s Father a church member is second from the right in blue in the photo below)


Please pray that the graduates will be able to find employment and will be able to support themselves and their families. Pray that they and their families will remember the Bible truths they have learnt while being helped by CCM. May God be pleased to bless the seeds that have been sown in their hearts.