Silver Lining at its Best!

6 May 2019

Tell us about what life was like you when you were growing up.

My family were poor as I grew up and we continue to face this now. Since Elementary school my family haven’t had electricity. It was hard to do our assignments and projects at home.

How did experiencing poverty affect your attitude towards your studies?

It made me want to do all I could to lift myself and my family out of this situation. I wanted my family to be proud of me. I promised myself that I would be the one to help my family, I wanted to graduate from college in order to surpass all the struggles we are facing.

When did you start to be supported by CCM?

I was in Grade 2 when CCM started to support me. I was very happy because I received school supplies and allowances each month.

What would you like to say to your sponsor?

It’s amazing how our sponsors do not give up supporting us. They may be of different nationality but they are still helping every scholar because they really have the heart to give a helping hand. I cannot thank them enough for their generosity – for giving without expecting anything in return.

What are your happiest memories of CCM activities?

I remember feeling so excited to attend the CCM activities like the Daily Vacation Bible School every summer. It’s a good thing that this is a part of my journey as a recipient because it made me realise that the words of God can be applied in my daily life. The Word of God is infallible, complete, totally authoritative, sufficient for all of our needs and will accomplish what it promises.
The year end parties were good fun. I remember the “youth effectiveness seminars” and enjoying the chance to have time with the other recipients.

What challenges did you face when you started your College course?

For me when I started college, this was where the real battle started. I experienced sleepless nights doing projects and assignments, reviewing for tests. The worst part of it was thinking about my family. Living alone and far from them (nearer college) made me realise that it’s hard to face every day without them as they are my inspiration and motivation.

Where did you live during your college training?

That was another battle for me; that I didn’t know where I will live. I didn’t have a permanent home. I lived in an apartment for some time but I couldn’t continue as I couldn’t afford the expenses. After that I lived at my auntie’s house for a while but sadly my uncle forced me to find another home and I was left feeling hurt and upset.

Well done on graduating from college! What’s your plan now?

I was so thankful to finish my degree (BA Communications). I am now entering the next chapter of my life. Before, I was the one who needed help, but now I’ll be the one helping others in the best way I can.

Aaron Einstine Esmenda