Prayer Points – Apr-Jun 2019

6 May 2019


► Praise God for the many faithful years of service Cathy has given
► Please pray for our staff that they would find encouragement in our Lord at this time of change for CCM


► Thank God for the opportunities this summer time presents, and that we still have the freedom to share the gospel with so many
► Please pray for lasting spiritual fruit from the Community camp


► Thank God for the good news of the Gospel
► Please pray for Dyanne and the other Homes Social Workers in their day to day work


► Praise God for the regular tutoring our children in the Homes receive each week
► Please pray that they’d be helped to be able to graduate – something important for future work opportunities


► Praise God for the sponsors who faithfully provide for these children
► Pray students would benefit from a more relaxed time over the summer break, and wouldn’t get up to no good!


► Thank God for the encouraging story of Aaron
► Pray Aaron might come to know more of Christ even now he’s graduated


► Thank God for the staff and volunteers who faithfully serve God through CCM – may they be encouraged!
► Please pray the ongoing changes in the Homes – may we have much wisdom in doing what is best for those the Lord has entrusted to us