Grace through Social Working!

6 May 2019

There is never a day that is not busy when it comes to the life of a social worker – monitoring the children in the Homes, writing progress reports, doing home visitations to near and far areas, assisting children in court cases, and building up rapport with the children. Yet the daily hardships are always accompanied by God’s daily grace, providing us with the strength to serve Him and to persevere for His glory.

The Homes social workers take responsibility for the overall management of cases of the children in the Homes. We are keen to counsel the children and for opportunities to share the gospel.

Being a Social worker in a residential setting puts me in the company of children who have suffered from a lack of love and care, While with their families they were in need of so many things, and most importantly, the great need of hearing of and knowing the grace of God.

The Homes staff consists of the Center Head, Social Workers, Social Work Assistant, Child Development Associate, Chaplain and Housemothers. Through God’s grace, our prayer is to continue using the talents, skills and discipline He has given us for sharing His love and to do all for God’s glory.

Dyanne De Ocampo, Social Worker