A Busy Saturday!

6 May 2019

Saturday is one of the busiest days of the week, if not the busiest! It is a day taken up with general cleaning, washing laundry, mending and ironing clothes and completing assignments. Due to it’s busyness, Saturdays are greeted with mixed emotions by the children – some are excited, some are tired and some are ambivalent.

Another important feature of Saturday’s for our older children (aged 10 to 18 years old) are the weekly tutorials headed by Miss Joyce Oh and companions Mr Lemuel Francisco Canes and Miss Fides Ching. Ate Annie is the regular driver for this activity and every week takes the students to and from the place where the tutorials take place in Manila. (Ate Annie is on the far right in the photo opposite)

The tutors greet the children, have a short prayer time and then start the lessons. English is always the first subject taught. They read and learn written grammar. After lunch, they study Mathematics with any topic covered from basic maths up to algebra. The senior High school students bring their current school papers and assignments for tutoring assistance. Jeffery Co, whom the children call Daddy Jeff, helps them put together flash cards for examination preparation.

Jeffrey Co is a Chinese Christian Business man who is a faithful help to us in the ministry of the Children’s Homes. The children love it when Uncle Jeffrey and his wife Vivian visit the Homes as they often bring gifts for the children.

The children have a great deal of fun with their tutors in studying, learning, playing and eating. We really appreciate the time and effort of the tutors in helping the students in their studies. Many of them arrive at the CCM homes having missed out on years of study and with gaps in their learning.

Mai Balairos