Year-end Activities

1 Jan 2019

The end of the year is always an exciting time in the Homes and Community. The children and families always look forward to the fun and games and good food. There is food bag for all the families supported in the communities. A big thanks to those who helped provide these packs through our Christmas gifts scheme.

Jollibee, a Filipino mascot, appeared at some events… (below) the gospel was shared at all… (above)

Dances and special numbers are performed. Most importantly we have the opportunity to share God’s word at each activity and this is a special time when we can share the real hope that we find in God’s Word.

We thank God for these opportunities we have to share the gospel with these children and families who have so many hardships and struggles. Please join us in praying that God be pleased to bless the Word that they heard during the End of Year celebrations.