How many opportunities?

1 Jan 2019

At CCM, we’re passionate to do what is best for the children entrusted to us. Historically, children in the Homes have normally been referred to us for longer term stays. A smaller number have been with us for a short term stay, and have then been reconciled to families.

We’ve had a minority of cases where we have been able to find foster parents for children, (we believe the best possible thing for a child is to live in a family). Finding foster parents has been difficult.

The Philippines Government Department of Social Welfare and Development is increasingly requiring institutions like CCM’s Homes to focus on catering to shorter term stays. They are also encouraging us to do more to explore reconciling children to their family or relatives wherever possible (see this article about the family day), or considering fostering / adoption.

Going forward, it’s looking likely there will be more pressure, (and hopefully more assistance!) from the government, to enable the children we love and care for to be housed in families where they have a Mother and Father – whether with relatives or foster parents.

This is going to require much extra work for our social workers – so please do pray for them! We must ensure these children are safe, and will be well cared for. We also long to be able to place children in homes where they will learn of Christ if at all possible.

In the future, although we may generally have children in our care for less long, we pray that as a result, we will have opportunity to help and reach more families.

May God bless and protect the children we reach during this slightly changing focus, and may we all remember the urgency of sharing Christ with those around us. None of us know how many more opportunities we may have.