Grace Despite the Mess!

1 Jan 2019

The excitement was tangible as we prepared for the event – a Family Day for CCM Homes! The children were making thank you letters and practicing special numbers for their parents or aunts / uncles / other relatives to watch. Prizes were wrapped. Decorations were put up in the venue and the social workers were busy making arrangements for relatives to come to the event.

The day of the event came and the children’s excitement intensified. Where it was possible to do so, families / relatives of the children had been contacted and invited to join the fun day. Some had come from distant provinces—even across the sea!

It was great to see the children embracing their relatives after a long time apart. Although for some children whose relatives were not able to join, this was quite a hard time. We assigned members from the church to act as family members for these children.

There were also members of the CCM board, the three elders and volunteers from Cubao Reformed Baptist Church.

The event started with a prayer and warm welcome. Pastor Mon Macapagal led the devotion with the theme “The grace despite the mess.” His text was the parable of the prodigal Son. He emphasised the importance of forgiveness and repentance from God, the foundation of true reconciliation.

The children then did their dance number and there was a video of what life is like inside the Homes.

The children had time to talk with their family / relatives and everyone was treated to a shared lunch and special appearance of Jollibee, the mascot of the famous fast food chain in the Philippines!

The afternoon was games time. The families, children and staff participated. It was a great opportunity for bonding.

There was a time of singing, with all the children singing ’Kahit na Kubo’ – a Filipino translation of the song “Mansion over the hilltop” The children gave letters that they had written for their relatives.

This activity was an avenue intended for seeking to begin reconciliation to families /relatives where this is possible to do so (see also here). Please continue to pray that above all these souls would be reconciled with God, for despite the mess, there is indeed grace.

Emmanuel Tamargo
Child Development Assistant