Gospel Admin!

1 Jan 2019

Cedric Boquerin recently took up the role of ‘Sponsor Relations Officer’ for the Community, and here he tells us more about what the job involves.

What does a Sponsor Relations Officer do?

My primary work is to manage any correspondence that happens between sponsors and their child from the community (and their social worker).

What do you do on a normal day?

A usual day for me is checking any letters that have arrived or need to be sent. I have to make a copy for filing. I often go to the post office to collect parcels that have been sent from sponsors. I proofread reports that the social workers write before they are mailed to the sponsor, and keep in contact with the UK and USA coordinators.

Are there any other activities that you help with?

I’m also in charge of the Thank you letter writing and Christmas card making. Each child makes a personalised card for their sponsor to express their gratitude for the sponsor’s support.

Do the children write in English?

The older children try hard to write in English but some of the younger ones write in Tagalog and then their letters need to be translated before they are sent. It’s my job to make sure that what the child or supporter sends can be understood by each other!

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The correspondence part of my job can be challenging as I’m not a native English speaker, but I enjoy the challenge.

What is the most encouraging aspect of your job?

I love to see the efforts of some sponsors to teach their sponsored child the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. It is even more valuable than the material and financial support they give.

Lots of events in CCM take place in the summer months. Are you able to assist with these?

Yes, I help to organise and book venues and then also help to emcee events like the Sportsfest and Camps. The camps are great because I am able to talk personally to families in the community and to our friends from the streets. We do devotions together and it’s a joy to have conversations with them. They are open to share their thoughts and struggles in life. Doors are open for these people to hear the Gospel and we need to pray that God would open their hearts.

Thank you for explaining your role to us! Is there anything you’d like to add?

I’m so glad to be serving God in CCM. I enjoy my daily tasks and added to that joy is the vibrant relationship I have with my co-workers. I love to be around people whom I know have a genuine commitment to share the goodness of the Lord to others.

Would you like to find out more about writing to your sponsored child? Check out this area of the sponsors handbook for some tips!