Drop-in Camp

1 Jan 2019

Some feedback from this year’s Drop-in Camp:

It was my first time to assist at the camp as a new social worker. I’m always fascinated to hear their stories.

It feels good to be back this year on the Drop-in Camp and we feel loved, especially when the volunteers take time to listen to our stories.

I want to stay here to have enough food like this.

They have Moses and the Prophets, let them hear them.
LUKE 19:29

I enjoyed the game even though our group struggled to pull the rope. It reminded me that in life we have struggles but we mustn’t give up.

I’m thankful that I could come here with my father. I know that the Lord brings me here with a purpose that is to hear the gospel and know Him more.

Please continue to pray for the weekly Drop-in Centre and the families who attend from the streets. Pray for the men who faithfully teach them the gospel truths week by week and also for those who teach the children’s group.