Visiting the Boys in their New Home!

26 Oct 2018

In August our family was excited to visit the Philippines again and we were especially looking forward to staying for a few nights at the Boys Home. When we left in September 2016 the Boys home had just been officially opened and the boys hadn’t moved in so it was our first time to see the boys in their new home!

At the time of our visit, there were seven boys being cared for by house parents. Reuben and Phoebe enjoyed making friends with the boys and they loved playing together in the house, running up and down the corridors and playing basketball. It was a joy to see the boys laughing, playing, helping around the house and we were able to share the word of God with them during evening devotions.

We shared how God provided the people with manna in the desert even though they grumbled and complained against Him. How often we are the same! We thank God for His mercy and grace in not giving up on us! We finished by singing ‘The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases’.

Please pray for the boys that they would persevere in their studies. Pray that they would listen to the devotions and Bible teaching they receive and that God would be pleased to bless the seeds that are being sown in their hearts.

– Naomi Gonzales


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