Challenges after leaving the CCM Homes

26 Oct 2018

Children are referred to the CCM homes for short or longer term care. Many of the children cared for are from poor, neglectful or abusive families. As the children get older, they often yearn for the bond of relatives and families. They’re sometimes unaware of the full circumstances from which they were rescued. CCM staff tirelessly labour to provide Biblical structure in the lives of the children and foster a sense of family within the homes, but, nevertheless, the desire for family bonds remains strong.

Upon leaving CCM, the children often find it extremely difficult to adjust to life structured in an entirely different way from that to which they have grown accustomed.

A large percentage of the CCM children are victims of sexual abuse. Once departed, they return to a culture where young people are expected to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Consequently, the cycles of pregnancy, poverty, neglect and abuse are often repeated. Some are lured into getting involved in gangs and drugs and tragic results often follow.

Please pray that the staff and leadership of CCM might be given much wisdom in addressing these issues with the children. Pray that the Lord might mercifully place a hedge of protection around the children who choose to leave CCM and they would be reminded of the truths they have learned whilst living in the homes.


– Scott Delohery

Scott is a former housefather in the CCM Boys Home but is now back in the USA