A Blessing in Disaster

26 Oct 2018

The Philippines is a country that is very exposed to tropical storms and every year people in the communities experience many difficulties caused by typhoons. Properties are destroyed, homes ruined and daily lives are affected. It is amazing to see the people’s courage and selflessness when these natural disasters occur and how they co-operate and work together.

It is in times of crisis like this, I have reflected that people matter more than things… What matters most is our relationships – with God and His people.
This year many communities were badly affected by the Southwest Monsoon. It was heart-warming to be a part of the relief operations and to help distribute relief goods – to see the smiles on their faces and their appreciation.

It was really encouraging that, a week after the relief operation, around 4 to 6 mothers and children from the community started attending our regular weekly Bible study. They are not actually recipients of CCM but they are keen to attend. Please pray that God would truly bring blessing from these natural disasters.

– Jaicah Leigh Monta


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