Teens share what they learnt on summer camps!

16 Jul 2018

Leonica  (Homes): “The things I have learned on the Homes teens camp are not comparable with the ’beautiful’ things in this world. The lessons are not like the typical lessons we learn at school. I learned that we are created by God in His likeness, but that this was distorted by the pollution of sin. I learned that each of us has our own identity and we do not need to conform to the identity that this world has to offer.”

Carylle  (Homes): “Pastor Romy talked to us about the current trend on ‘LGBT’, I learned that there are so many that fight for gay and transgender rights but what struck me is that even though they fight for it, it is already a given fact that there are only two genders made by God– male and female. I have realized that instead of looking down on people, it is better for us to befriend them, encourage them towards the word of God and help them find change in Him.”

Ronalyn (Homes): “I have learned that being a Christian means being redeemed from our sins and that we are recreated. When Adam sinned, the image of God in us was stained. Then the second Adam, Christ,  redeemed us through his sacrifice. He did everything for us and what we need to do is to repent and believe in Him”

Rosemarie (Homes): “One must not believe the definition of gender the world gives us but we must be grateful and content with how God has created us. We know that we are created by God and we must take care of our bodies and be good caretakers of what has been entrusted to us by God.”

We asked Joy Aira De Guzman from the Community about the community camp… What was the most exciting thing about your camp?

I really enjoyed the games – I was excited and nervous. We did a game like the Amazing Race. At the eating station we had to eat bread that had big pieces of raw onion inside. I wasn’t sure I could do it but I thought of my groupmates and in the end we all finished our bread!

What did you learn during the devotions and workshops?

I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and the workshops taught me about the different kinds of relationships and reminded me of the real value of family.  I was reminded to respect my parents – because respecting them means respecting God, who gave them to me.

The title of the camp was “What matters most?” Did you find out what matters most?

Yes – we were reminded to think most especially about God, because He must be the one that matters most to us and not the things in this physical world.

What was the most memorable part of the camp for you?

I think the most memorable part has to be the fun night. Starting from the group presentations, a concert– like performance from Kuya Joe, one of the workshop speakers,  to the biggest bonfire I have ever seen. I enjoyed every minute; the bonding with friends, the picture taking and the toasted marshmallows and staying up talking to my room mates till 3am!


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