Staff News

17 Apr 2018

Over the past few months we have said farewell to Abraham Guevarra and Hazel Luching in the Community Program, and to Marichu Jaso who has worked as a Housemother since 2011. We are thankful for their work. We welcome Cedric Boquiren to the position of Sponsor Relations Officer for the Community work and Christian Rosario to the position of Social Worker for the Homeless (pics above)

We value your prayers in particular that God would provide CCM with more houseparents for the Homes. Please pray for the current staff, for strength, patience and wisdom and that God would provide us with the right people for this work. There is some reorganization going on at the moment, so please do pray for all the Homes staff at this time.

We give thanks to God that Mai Balarios who has previously worked as a House Mother but moved to another Christian organization has agreed to return to take up a supervisory position in the Homes.


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