Prayer Points – Apr-Jun 2018

17 Apr 2018


► Thank God for the opportunities to share the gospel during the summer activities
► Please pray for the reorganisation of staff in the CCM Homes that it will go smoothly and be truly helpful


► Give thanks for the Bible studies taking place weekly in the slum areas.
► Pray that there would be a good rapport with the leaders, and that attendees would be offended by nothing other than the gospel


► Give thanks for CCM students who are graduating this summer
► Please pray for the work of the Social Workers in the communities


► Give thanks for the work with the homeless and the Drop in Centre
► Please pray for the challenges in the Boys Home


► Give thanks for the daily devotions held in the Children’s Homes
► Pray for the CCM Board which oversees the work – it is made up of 1 pastor, 1 deacon, and a number of CRBC members


► Thank God for the staff who work tirelessly to support the children and families both physically and spiritually
► Pray for the salvation of the parents we work with in the Communities. Many come from Catholic backgrounds


► Give thanks that the children in our Homes hear the gospel each Lord’s Day at church
► Please pray that God will continue to provide the staff needed in CCM. (Some sadly just come to us to gain experience and then move on)


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