Boys’ Home Update

17 Apr 2018

Have there been any changes at the boys’ home recently?
We have just finished putting a corrugated iron roof over the flat roof deck of the Home. This can then be used during the monsoon season which begins in late May and goes through to October.

How many boys are living in the Home at the moment?
At present there are only 7 boys staying at the home. At full capacity it could take 30 boys. There are various reasons for this; The shortage of staff, and few referrals from the Government Agency (Social Services). Children cannot just be rescued off the streets, we have to go through the official channels and regulations. The government seem less keen to refer children to Homes and are seeking to promote the fostering of children instead.

How close is the Boys’ home to the church?
They travel about 40 minutes by van to get to Cubao. All the boys attend the church services and Sunday School at Cubao Reformed Baptist Church.

How do the boys spend their time?
When they are not at school they enjoy being involved in gardening and growing vegetables as well as of course playing the national sport of the Philippines, which is basketball. They also all learn to do household chores. These depend on their age but include washing, tidying, helping around the house. They do not always enter into these chores with as much enthusiasm as the other activities.

Who cares for the boys?
Rowena is the Social Worker in charge of the boys and at present we have several housemothers sharing the duty of cooking and caring for the boys. We pray that we could find a man who is willing to act as a Housefather. These boys need a mans example and instruction. We do have Levi, our chaplain, who regularly visits the home.

How can we pray for the boys and the staff caring for them?
Many of these boys come from difficult backgrounds, some have been abused but they are now in a home where they are loved and cared for. Please pray for their salvation. Please pray for all the staff that care for them, both physically and spiritually, that the name of Christ would be glorified among them.

Brian T. Ellis, Chairman of the Board of CCM Manila.


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