Beyond the desk!

17 Apr 2018

Work begins as I punch my finger in the Bundy clock at 8.30. Every day is completely different and brings with it unexpected challenges!

At any point during the day I could get a phone call that requires me to write reports, complete office work, go directly to the scene of a crisis. I have to attend the people’s needs whether they are at home in the slum areas, at school, hospital or at community Bible studies.

This is actually my first job and I sometimes find it emotionally challenging as I deal with various cases. As a new member of the team and from a rural area there are many things for me to learn.

I’m learning how to interact with various personalities and temperaments of slum dwellers. This can mean learning how to deal with difficult and aggressive behavior. I’m learning how to build rapport with others from very different backgrounds to my own.

Being young and single can make counselling sometimes a challenge. I can’t just hear and sympathize with them but I also need to give some advice and counsel regarding couples conflicts and problems.

The stories I have heard and seen as a Social Worker can definitely take your breath away. It gives me a glimpse of the darkest and sometimes the most upsetting situations of humanity.

There are times when it can all seem very discouraging. Despite this I take pleasure in seeing children being helped to go to school, in listening as parents share their experiences with me because they have no-one else to talk to. I feel grateful for their trust as they confide in me.

Working as a Christian Social Worker in CCM is a unique experience – it has taught me many things . It has stirred up my desire to share God’s love with others and to trust God’s Sovereignty that in His perfect timing this work will bear fruit. It’s a joy to be able to talk with children, youths and parents and to share with them about God’s grace and mercy.

These people who I work with day by day become part of my journey and I am longing that as they have been hearing God’s Word in the activities we have conducted that they may come to know their greatest need of Jesus as their Saviour.

It’s a blessing for me to work with a team of others who are saved through God’s grace. My day seems tiring but it’s a comfort that I have brothers and sisters all over the world who are praying for the work of CCM.

We study God’s word together every Monday before we start our work and it is great that we all share the vision of making known the name of Jesus Christ. I pray that God would in His power use a weak undeserving sinner like me to be His hands and feet for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Myra Grace Ibañez


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