Serving God as a Housemother

8 Jan 2018

Hi Ate Gerlie! Can you tell us how you become a Housemother?

I first heard about the work of housemother at CCM Homes through a friend. I prayed about it and applied for the position. After 2 months I was hired – that was way back in November 2004.

What is a typical day like for you?

Each day is a busy day! We spend our time supervising the children in our care, sorting out what is needed for their practical needs, teaching and training them and just spending time chatting and sharing things with them.

Do the Housemothers work in shifts? What is your favourite shift and why?

Yes we work in shifts – either night time, early morning till after lunch, or after lunch until evening. For myself, I prefer the daytime shifts – I like to be with the girls and to spend time guiding, teaching and training them. I want to have the opportunity to spend time with them and to show them something of the love of Christ, which they truly need.

How many children are currently in your care?

Altogether there are 31 girls in the Homes at the moment and they are divided into three houses. We have eleven children in the house where I am assigned.

That’s a number of children. How are you able to spend time with each child?

During our shepherding time, it’s a chance to have a really good talk with the children. It’s good to try to do this with them individually, then we can address their concerns but it’s not always possible. Time is often limited but it is something we aim to do.

What opportunities do you have to share the gospel with the children?

We have devotions in the evenings in which we study the word of God. Then we have one on one talks with the children when we are able.

What do you enjoy most about being a housemother?

There are many things I love about this work but I guess the regard and respect of the children, the way we can build a relationship with these children who have had such broken backgrounds – that they can grow to trust and love us and most of all, it is encouraging when we see God work in their lives and they grow in their love for Him.

What is the most challenging thing about being a housemother?

The challenges for me are how to deal with each child, They have such problematic backgrounds and they are all so different in personality and temperament. Sometimes it is difficult to know how best to discipline them– especially rebellious teens!

How can we pray for you and the other housemothers?

Please pray for joy in serving God, for love and patience in dealing with the children in our care, for physical strength and good health and for wisdom. Above all, please pray for the children’s salvation.


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