Prayer Points – Jan-Mar 2018

8 Jan 2018


► Praise God for his faithfulness for last year
► Please pray for the directors, as they lead their programmes this new year


► Praise God for the many opportunities of being able to share the gospel
► Please pray that God will continue to sustain the work


► Praise God for answering our prayers about the staff vacancies
► Pray that we will see children from the homes and the communities be baptised and added to the church this year


► Praise God for the opportunity to share the gospel with the street people for three days
► Please pray that the newly hired staff will stay in CCM for the longer term


► Thank God for his provision through the kindness of sponsors, and other supporters
► Pray for CCM staff, as they continue to guide Daicy and prepare her to live life independently when she leaves CCM


► We thank God for CCM’s housemothers who tirelessly devote themselves to the work of looking after the children in the homes
► Pray for the children in the homes in the difficulty of living away from their true family


► Praise God for sponsors who have been a part of the lives of the children
► Please continue to pray for the housemothers: it is not an easy job looking after 12 children


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