Camp for the Homeless

8 Jan 2018

Once again, last October our friends from the streets of Cubao enjoyed a 3 day camp.

Pastor Larry Malabayabas was the guest speaker and the main theme was ’The Benefit of Suffering.’ He spoke about how when sin came to mankind it was the start of suffering.


However the good thing is that even though we are suffering, we have a God who we can lean on and we have a God who can save us from our sins. One of the campers, Danilo Bandibad shared his story and gratefulness to everyone that organized the camp. He was thankful that he could join for the first time. It has been hard for him to live in the city of Manila, compared to life in the provinces where he lived before.

Like many, he came to Manila to find work but ended up living on the streets. Danilo expressed his thankfulness that he was able to hear the good news about Jesus at the camp.



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