Prayer points, Oct-Dec 2017

4 Oct 2017
Could you share these at your prayer meeting / Home Group?


► Thank God for the good number of Christian social workers we have at present
► Pray God would protect families living near the creeks during the rainy season


► Thank God for the oversight of Cubao Reformed Baptist Church
► Please pray for the opportunities this Christmas, that God would use them mightily


► Give thanks to God for saving Hazel
► Please pray for the new staff to settle in well, and pick up the ropes quickly


► Give thanks for brethren worldwide who help CCM with publicity and finance
► Pray God would give the right words to those who lead Bible studies in the slums


► Give thanks for the expansion of the work of slum Bible studies
► Pray that God would receive glory through all CCM seeks to do for Him


► Thank God for the sterling service Analyn & Mai have rendered over many years
► Pray for Levi, CCM’s chaplain – that he may be helped in his counselling, visitations, and Bible studies


► Give thanks that the children in our Homes can live in a safe Christian home
► Please pray for additional men to lead the Bible studies in the slums


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