What is CCM?

Christian Compassion Ministries is a ministry of Cubao Reformed Baptist Church (CRBC), Manila, Philippines. All members of staff are church members, who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ. CCM seeks to bring the good news of the gospel to the many that so desperately need to hear it, at the same time as helping them in their many practical needs. 

CCM boys at CRBC, Manila, Philippines
CCM boys eating lunch at CRBC after a Sunday service

There are two main branches to the work:

●        The Community Development programme, under which many homeless children and those living in the slums are supported in their education.

●        The Residential Care programme, which provides homes for neglected, abused and orphaned children.           

We believe what the Bible teaches about the church preaching the gospel should also be outworked in loving concern for those around us. “How can we tell people of the love of Christ without showing them something of that love?” CCM is a benevolent ministry to the poor and needy,  seeking at the same time to bring the good news of the gospel to such people.