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Child Sponsorship

Children benefit a great deal through sponsorship:   


● Well maintained accommodation,  

  Food, clothing, and other daily needs

●  All educational needs and extra help 
   from a CCM tutor

● High quality medical care

●  Outings

   Counseling with one of CCM’s Social

  Many other activities

Educational Assistance Programme

● School uniform, shoes, sports clothes,  
   a bag, notebooks, etc

● Money for school projects and books

● A small monthly allowance

● Free medical help

● Oversight and advice from one of
   CCM’s social workers

● And access to many other benefits
Most importantly both programmes give us the opportunity to tell the child (and often their family too), the good news of our Saviour, whether through nightly devotions and weekly church attendance in the homes, or regular activities and Bible studies in the slums - opportunities abound to tell of the best news in the world. 

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