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Relief update

Thursday 28 November 2013

Thank you again for all your loving prayers and practical support for the relief work being undertaken by Cubao Reformed Baptist Church (CRBC) and our benevolent ministry Christian Compassion Ministries Foundation (CCM).

We had a team headed by Pastor Ismael which went to Basey in Samar. This is a town which also experienced the massive storm surge and there is much need for help.
One of our team took this picture in Basey

Our relief team consisted of Pastor Ismael Montejo, Juvy Savares, Arnel Joy (from Naga City – GMA graduate) and Arnel Manata (CRBC regular attendee). The team met up with Erwin Cadalin (CRBC Church Worker) who had been surveying the areas to visit and making arrangements for the relief distribution. 

Distributing relief goods from the back of a truck

Pastor Ismael had opportunity to preach the gospel while people quietly lined up to await the giving of relief goods which most had not yet received from other sources. 

Many in that area that have lost their homes are living in makeshift tents at the side of the road. It has often been raining. 

Pastor Ismael preaching

There is so much need everywhere that the relief agencies, which are many, are still swamped by the need. There are often areas which have not yet been reached with any help. 

Texas team with some CRBC members

Our American friends from Texas left CRBC last Saturday to also make their way to Samar and then to Tacloban and Leyte. With plans eventually to cross to the island of Cebu and meet with Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Cebu. They then plan to head for the north of Cebu Island where there has also been much destruction before heading back again through Leyte and Samar to Manila. 

American team leaving CRBC (note packages on top of the van)

They have rented a van and that was loaded down with equipment when they left CRBC on Saturday (23rd Nov). They were carrying water purification equipment which can be operated by hand or by solar power so as to provide clean drinking water in the storm ravaged areas they will visit.  In Cebu they will pick up further equipment which is being flown in especially from Australia. Arnel Parco (CRBC member) went along with them to act as translator for the first part of their journey.
Widespread devastation. Can you see the edge of the road?

We have another team with relief in Cebu City where they are loading up a truck to take across to the island of Leyte which was surveyed just at the end of last week. They will be visiting churches. Pastor Mon Macapagal is leading this team. He is accompanied by his wife Bekha, Reddy Gonzales (CCM), Levi Ilhig (CRBC & GMA student), and Henry Cañas (CRBC).  The truck with the relief goods will be taken by ferry to Leyte where they will be distributing relief goods in towns affected and heading north along the eastern coast up to the town of Palo and then Tacloban.  They will be linking up with CRBC church members who are in the town of Palo just south of the City of Tacloban, the worst hit area. 

Reah Medenilla (Social Worker and CRBC member) is involved in relief work in Palo working with another relief agency. She was joined on Wednesday by Cathy Gacutan (CCM EAP Director) and Joy Putal (CCM Sponsorship coordinator) who is a qualified nurse. There is much need in the area and Joy’s nursing skills will quickly be put to use in treating those injured during the typhoon. 

Queues of people wanting relief goods

What we are doing as a church seems to be just a drop in a bucket but we must seek to do what we can as the needs are so great. 

Thank you all once again for your loving prayers and practical concern. Yours for Cubao Reformed Baptist Church and Christian Compassion Ministries,

Brian T. Ellis (Pastor)