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Relief update in pictures

Saturday 23rd November

Here's a glimpse of what our volunteers and contacts have been seeing over the last few days. 

These men came and asked one of our contacts for 12 more body bags

Bodies are still being found in Tacloban (as reported by a CCM board member serving there with another organisation). DOH stands for 'department of health'.

Basey - just north east of Tacloban

The road in Basey has been cleared enough it is passable

Wrecked vehicles and livelihoods

The view from a bridge in Basey - many have lost everything

The team from Cubao hand out supplies from the back of a lorry

One of our pastors preaches - please pray people would be helped spiritually as well as practically

Tracts are handed out together with relief goods. 

Tracts being read while people queue for rice. Please pray for salvation to come

Our team of relief volunteers with locals. Please pray for strength for our workers.