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Typhoon update - 16th May

6 months has passed since Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the central provinces of the Philippines. 

Thank you so much for your support. With the donations from churches and individuals from abroad, CRBC/CCM has been able to continue its relief operation. The focus now is on reconstructions.   


In the course of planning, those in charge deemed it necessary to buy a van for use in transporting relief goods, construction materials and volunteers.

Coordination with a local church is also very important, the volunteers have continue to work in partnership with a church in Abuyog Leyte. 

21-22 March – Pastor Mon Macapagal and Deacon Louie Lim made arrangements for the renting of a Relief Centre and also surveyed the area around it for what the greatest needs were and to personally find suppliers for the construction materials.

In the last two weeks of March, there was distribution of construction materials to the members and attendees of the church in Abuyog Leyte, whose houses were wrecked by the typhoon. 

Louie Lim having personally visited the place, then returned to Cubao and conducted three sessions in Project Management for our Relief Volunteer workers.


Relief Operation Centre
There was an abandoned house that will be rented for 6 months and will serve as our base for all relief works in the area. This is to house our relief volunteers from Manila. It is also to provide storage of stock and a venue for Bible studies, which may even lead to the forming of a church. In the middle of April, the necessary repair of the Relief Operation Centre was completed and ready for use. 

Re-roofing project
At the end of April Glen Manuel (program manager) and Arnel Parco (the architect) formalized the relief work on the construction of roofs of houses. They identified the area - Barangay 89 San Jose Tacloban less than 40-50 meters from the sea and is close to the CCM Relief Centre. The team embarked on the reconstruction roofs for about 300-500 houses.

Area the re roofing project is helping – San Jose Tacloban
One family who will benefit from the re roofing project:


Reconstruction of roofs. 

Glen Manuel - Program Manager CRBC/CCM Relief Operation reports:

“The individuals who had their pictures taken infront of their houses are the ones who are receiving our re-roofing support (roofing materials + free installation). Currently we are only capable of providing re-roofing support  [as supposed to further re-construction support], so as to afford us more recipients.” 

Obviously the more recipients we are able to help, the more evangelistic opportunities we are able to have. Please pray that the gospel will be clearly shared and shown through these small human efforts.

School supplies
There will also be distribution of school supplies before the opening of the school year which will be in June.