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Typhoon Haiyan (Page 2)

CCM and CRBC - Planned Relief 
Thursday 14th November

Two Teams

We have two teams, each consisting of two men basically going 
to do a survey but also hopefully to take a truck load of relief goods into the areas most affected by the typhoon. They hope to leave today or tomorrow [14th/15th Nov].  Two are going to the island of Leyte and hoping to contact churches in the central part of the island and the west coast.  The two men going there are from that area.  That is where the City of Tacloban is located.

The second group is going to the island of Samar where many small towns and villages are still cut off and we have no news of.  The man leading that group is from that place as well. Again they hope to be able to take a truck of relief goods there.  This is basically a survey team which will be followed up by a larger group very soon.

There are also other islands in need of help and we hope to contact churches in some of the other badly hit areas.  We seek to work through the local evangelical churches in those areas in the distribution of relief goods and medicines as well as seeking to proclaim the hope of the gospel.  However this is going to be long term relief work as millions are without homes.

Relief Team from the USA

We were also contacted by a Reformed Baptist Church in Texas to discuss the possibility of them sending a team to help with the relief efforts.

Please continue to pray for wisdom as we desire to help fellow men in the misery of this tragedy and also to call them into the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Please do pray for these efforts. If you wish to help with donations please send money through CCM's normal channels (see

A staff member's comment
Tuesday 12th November

"We thank God we are safe, but the news of the people who were 
affected is so very sad. I was even crying hearing stories on the TV for example a mother lost her three children and also her husband. A grandfather who lost his grandchildren his wife and a son. Dead people everywhere and electricity is down - when it gets dark it is really dark. You know what our prayer is? That they will not become 
bitter towards God, because even us, we are asking 'why'?"
A CCM staff member

2 men from the church are hoping to go and assess the situation and gain more information about the best ways to help both in the short and longer term. Please pray for great wisdom and gospel opportunities.

Planning and donations
Monday 11th November

Initial planning for the relief work headed by CCM's CEO Deacon Louie Lim

Slowly news is filtering out, but the devastation is vast. Today at least 10,000 are reported dead in 
Tacloban City. There is little contact yet with other towns and villages which are cut off. The major problem on top of the winds and the rain ... was a massive storm surge at sea.  This surge came ashore with effects like a Tsunami. 

We are currently organizing a team to travel south with relief supplies etc. Communications have been down everywhere and most still are, so we have little news particularly for outlying areas. We want to help churches and Christians where we are able but of course all are in need.

Money can be sent to CCM and will be passed on to us here quickly. We can also use funds we have on hand here for relief work if we know money set aside for other uses like wages and the childrens homes is going to be replaced. Thank you for your loving concern.

The Lord bless you


Initial Statement from Brian Ellis
Sunday 10th November

Dear Brethren

We are getting inquiries from many people about the Typhoon.

This was one of the most destructive ever according to news channels. It did not affect Manila area but went through the Central Philippines.

Communications are down, no electricity in those areas due to poles down etc. Therefore we have had no contact with churches or brethren in those areas. We are praying for them and seeking to try to contact them but nothing as of the Lord's Day morning. [Sunday 10th November]

We value your prayers as we seek to find out ways particularly to help our Christian brothers and churches.

Thank you for your loving concern and prayers.

Brian Ellis

Movement of the typhoon between 4pm and 11pm on Thursday