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Statement on Noelyn Cervantes

We are very sad to report the death of Noelyn Cervantes, one of the girls in the CCM homes. Noelyn, 20 years old, was part of Faith House, staying with 2 other young ladies in a room on top of the children's homes (whilst their normal home is being repaired)

She had recently graduated from high school, and had been helping in the CCM office from time to time whilst looking for a permanent job. She had been suffering from thyroid problems and staff had taken her to see doctors on several occasions.

On Sunday (20th Oct) she had been at church as normal. On Monday morning Noelyn's room mates went to wake her for breakfast, but found that she wasn't breathing, and was cold and still. Her roommates called for the housemothers, but Noelyn had
died in her sleep. Staff took her to a hospital, where the doctor pronounced her dead. He listed the cause of death as a cardiac arrest caused by a thyroid storm, and issued a death certificate.

The other children and staff are deeply shaken at such a sudden and unexpected tragedy. As they all live together in the homes, it feels as though they have lost one of their own family. Please pray for them and also for Noelyn's biological family. Two of her brothers live in the CCM boys' home.

Everyone is struggling with the loss. Noelyn was a well loved part of CCM; her distinctive laughter was often heard ringing through the homes. She was very happy in CCM, her only struggle recently being with her illness.

Noelyn left behind a diary and a half finished testimony. She had been hoping to apply for church membership. The last diary entry spoke of her health: "I know God is testing my trust in Him. But I will not give up, I will prove to Him that He is my only Saviour and Keeper and that I want to be His servant and child until the last breath of my life". Staff had spoken with her during recent months about salvation and believe that she is one of God's children. 

Written on a piece of paper taped to her mirror the morning she died was the reference John 3:16. Her room mates said she must have written it the night before as it wasn't there before that.

Please pray God would give much comfort and strength to all those in CCM's homes. A wake was held there 
on Monday and Tuesday evening.

Please pray that staff and children alike would fix their eyes on Jesus amidst the pain.