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Medical Missions 2012

We had great opportunities to provide medical assistance to our less fortunate friends from the community and in the countryside on the 14th and 21st of September through Medical Missions lead by Dr. Janie Worth.  

The word of God made known

Together with two other doctors the first medical mission was held in Cubao Reformed Baptist Church (CRBC), serving 197 people. We thank God for all those who volunteered during this event. Above all, we praise God that His Word was made known through the preaching of Pastor Ismael Montejo.

We are aware that month of August was really a difficult time for the Philippines; parts of the country were hit by a monsoon called ‘Habagat.’

Served 263 children and adults

The houses of the members of the church in San Simon, Pampanga which CRBC is supporting were among the most badly affected. Pastor Ramen who leads this church is studying in Grace Ministerial Academy in CRBC. Through God’s providence, our Medical team drove to Pampanga for a second Medical Mission. Truly God works all things together for good, and we saw this when an additional doctor joined our team. We were able to work fast and served 263 children and adults. People were given free medical check ups, medicines and first aid when necessary.

Preached in his native dialect

Pastor Ramon Macapagal, another of our elders in CRBC, is originally from this area, so he preached in his native dialect – “kapampangan” - to the people while they were waiting for medical assistance. People were very happy and grateful for the medical aid they were able to receive. We thank God for providing CCM with funds from generous supporters for outreaches such as these. May they realize that this mission was conducted by the grace of God. May the seed that has been sown in their hearts truly grow and bear fruit in His perfect time.

By Jennifer Sweet "Happy" Balairos (EAP Social Worker)