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Testimony of Lita Maddara (an EAP Graduate)

COUNQUERING IMPOSSIBILITIES, words that I portray when I happened to be part of a family.

I became an EAP recipient when I was Second Year high school. I was childish, innocent, silly, immature and irresponsible. I don’t have the confidence to be friends with other members. I don’t like to attend meetings (especially when my mother is not with me) and the like activities of the organization. But as I grow older and start to discover the importance of every blessings in life, everything’s change.

My high school days are usual. I do things like what other high school students perform. But like what I normally do, I’m studying hard to have good grades for the people around me, my parents, my social workers and my sponsor. However, I felt in some way worried when I reached my Fourth year. That time, my classmates were busy looking and taking entrance exams for college while me, I don’t have any idea if my parents can still send me to school. Instead of being active finding universities to enroll at, I just told myself that after graduating in high school, I’ll find a job to help my parents, my family. I dreamed to be a college student. I wanted to be in college, but the resources won’t let me.

Being in college is an impossible thing for me before. Both my parents don’t have work back then. I also have three other younger siblings who are enrolled in school too. To be in college honestly is not a joke, first and foremost financially, yearly tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, books, projects and others. If we are often experiencing financial difficulties, what more when I’ll enter college? 

That made me stops dreaming and let myself face reality. But GOD REALLY LOVES ME. He didn’t let me bring my visions to an end. IN SPITE OF THE HOPELESSNESS, appeared the SUPREME SOLUTIONS God has for me. He poured blessing not only to me even to my family’s life. He gave me knowledge and wisdom I needed to pass the one and only entrance exam I tried to take up. Yes, I passed the entrance test of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, one of the country’s best state universities who offer low tuition fee yet high quality of education. Moreover, he provided CCM, a help to my parents for me to be able to be in school.

But, CHRISTIAN COMPASSION MINISTRIES is not just an organization that sends students to school nourish the tummies of the poor and/or lends a hand for the unfortunate. For me, they are more than that. CCM’s A GIFT FROM ABOVE. They made me smile, laugh and trust myself. They permitted me to travel to different places. They allowed me to experience great things. They let me meet new people, new friends. They not only teach but they also preach. They are one of those instruments God gave to mold me spiritually. They motivated me a lot to be faithful, to be sorry for all the bad things I’ve done, to repent and to be thankful for every blessing I have in life, big or small. They assisted me be a better person. They helped me gain confidence. They inspired me to study even harder. They BROUGHT OUT THE BEST IN ME. They taught me first to become a GOOD FOLLOWER then next an EXCELLENT LEADER. They saluted me for having good grades, applauded for my awards and even cheered me up when I’m feeling weak. They know my name even if I don’t know theirs. They let me FEEL that I’M SPECIAL. They are like FAMILY TO ME.

Like what my life verse said, GOD REALLY HAS WONDERFUL PLANS FOR ME (Jeremiah 29:11). Before, I was worried if I can go to college, but then He let me. Truly, God never promised to have a “burden-free” journey in life, but He promised us that we will have a fruitful ending, if we stand still and make our faith firm in spite of all those challenges. I experienced lots of problems, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually but it’s nothing compared to the love, grace, forgiveness and blessings God has given me. He didn’t just let me be in college, but He made me finished it; not just one, two or three years, but four years in college; not just a fair and ‘ok’ grade, but a high and a very good one; not just in an ordinary school, but in a prestige university, in PUP.

Time flies so fast, one day I said “HELLO” and another day I’m saying “GOODBYE.” And now as I graduated and became part of CCM’s history, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all the BLESSINGS you’ve given me. The uniforms, school supplies, shoes, bags, and allowances are just part of it. What I’m thankful most are the unforgettable experiences, endless prayers and life-worthy lessons you’ve shared me. Thank you for those intangible things that you did not only for me but for the rest of EAP recipients and our families. I can’t be what I am now without you, without your help, without you and our sponsors’ support. I OWE A LOT TO YOU.

MA’AM CATHY, SIR ALEX and MA’AM HAPPY, thank you for being such a patient, hard working and amazing social workers. Thank you for the encouragement, the sympathy and the love you had for me. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME BE, PART OF THE FAMILY. Six years in CCM is a short period of time yet you made it COLORFUL and MEANINGFUL. Sorry if sometimes I‘m one of those hard-headed recipients. Sorry too if I don’t have something to give you. I don’t have enough money yet to buy you gifts. But I just wanted to tell you that like my parents, I offer you too, all the good grades, awards and achievements I received. That is all I have and I can give for now.

For the other social workers and staffs, thank you for knowing me, my name. Sorry if I’m not able to remember all your names :) Thank you for appreciating every single effort I’ve done and recognizing my accomplishments in life... THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. I’ll always pray for God’s mercy and blessings upon your life. I’ll pray for your strength and good health so you can continue HELPING and INSPIRING other people, other families.

Six years passed. Years full of enjoyment, laughter and experiences. Years when I learned to meet new friends, doing new things, travelling to different places and discovering my hidden talents. Six years filled with love, admiration, gratitude, hard work and even sacrifices. My six years time being an EAP recipient of Christian Compassion Ministries are MY SIX VALUABLE YEARS IN LIFE WORTH TO CHERISH.

I’m now facing another chapter in my life. But this time, not as a student anymore but as a grown up lady. I have to give back all the efforts and supports of the people who have been part of my 16 years time as a student. I have to do now my responsibilities. Though CCM is not with me anymore, I’ll always keep in my mind and in my heart all the messages and lessons they taught me.

I am now working as Billing and Collections Associate at Dell International Services Inc., Philippines. This GIFT of WORK reminded me of all the blessings I had for the past years. I know everything’s HAPPENING with a PURPOSE. AN ORDINARY ME WITH AN EXTRAORDINARY GOD REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And of course, I can’t be what I am now without CCM. This short article is not enough to tell you how grateful I am having you. And I can PROUDLY SAY to this whole wide world that I’m a PRODUCT of this FAMILY, MY CCM FAMILY. Thank you for your unconditional love and undying support. YOU’VE BROUGHT ME SOMETHING MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY. You’ve been PART of my LIFE and you will ALWAYS BE. Thank you for helping me COUNQUER my IMPOSSIBILITIES in life. God Bless You All.