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Relief work, August 2012 Flooding

Relief Work has been organized by CCM and CRBC during the recent flooding. This relief work is still ongoing.


Day 1 (August 8) - During the heavy rain on Wednesday night, we had a feeding programme at one of the CCM areas in Kamias area. Then we went to 2 barangay (community) halls for soup distribution. Some of our recipients had evacuated there. Pictures here

Day 2 (August 9)- Soup distribution, old clothes and groceries distributed in one of the evacuation areas. Soup also distributed in one of the affected slum areas. Pictures here

Day 3 (August 11) - Grocery bag distribution for 2 squatter areas (Damayang Lagi and Kamias). Around 300 families received the bag of basic supplies. This is extension of help to non CCM recipients but these are CCM areas. 

Day 4 (August 16)
 - Distribution of relief goods at Baseco in Tondo (Old Manila) where we have some recipients and where we help the Providence Baptist Church.

Day 5 (August 17) - Distribution of relief goods in the Montalban area to the north east of Quezon City. We have a number of members of CRBC living in this area.

DAY 6-7 (August 18-19)  Erwin (our full-time youth worker) will be taking relief goods (which are being prepared at CRBC today) to San Simon about one hour north of Manila on the expressway. We conducted relief work there in 2009. Erwin will be working with the Baptist Church there under Pastor Ramen, a graduate of our Bible College Grace Ministerial Academy (GMA).

A number of CRBC members were inundated with water and had to evacuate their homes. They have now been able to return at the time of writing. The problem always is the clean up and the loss of things in their homes due to the floods if they were not able to get them out of the incoming flood water. Another problem is that the flood waters were very filthy and smelly, bringing disease and contamination.

We value your prayers for this ongoing ministry. A drop in the bucketF really but it all helps as they reckon over one million people were affected by these present floods. As relief goods are distributed, tracts are given out and when there is opportunity the gospel is proclaimed.

Thank you for your loving interest and prayers.

Brian T. Ellis
for CCM and CRBC.

Friday 17th August 2012